Kansas Business Solutions – Pam Billups

Pamela Billups is a native of Topeka (born and raised).

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Graduated from Highland Park High School in 1994.  She received an Engineering degree from Kansas State University, with help of working 3 part-time jobs and the GI bill from service in the ARMY Reserves.  Since graduating college, she has been working to improve business processes for the last 20 years.  15 years working with Goodyear in multiple states and the last 5 years running Kansas Business Solutions.  Entrepreneurship has allowed her to spend more time with her 3 kids who are growing up fast.

As the owner of Kansas Business Solutions, her responsibilities are to help Kansas Businesses, especially those in the Topeka/Shawnee County area. Her aim to assist big and small business alike in Online and Offline growth.

In the last year she’s 20+ free training and speaking events for the small business community.  She holds the 3rd Friday of every month to host free Business workshops and have anywhere from 2-12 entrepreneurs and small business owners attend.  Other speaking engagements were at the Topeka Growth Partnership, Career Chapter ABWA, Ad Astra ABWA, Association of Women Entrepreneurs, and Engage Networking Group.  Also, presenting as a volunteer with the SBA “Starting a Business Part 2” workshop at the Library.   Subjects vary from digital marketing, to income opportunities, business core systems, processes, low-cost advertising, and many more.

She is actively involved in many civic and community activities. She serves on several non-profit boards, such as the President of the Association of Women Entrepreneurs and on the board of the American Business Women’s Association, currently.  She is also an active volunteer with the SBA, SCORE, and Christian Chamber of Commerce, many church functions, school committees, and other local groups.  She loves to volunteer time and resources and also host and run several local non-profit websites.


Kansas Business Solutions – Provides business services for growth and improving efficiency.

Remove my Weight – Started as a personal health and menu blog, and developed into a support membership site.

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Learn More https://www.removemyweight.com



No Worry Website – was established a a full service Website design and Maintenance Platform.


Market to more – is a full service Hosting and Domain Service platform to service all our clients needs.




Web Growth Strategies – was to promote my new book launch and is expanding into online training and course creation.


501 Legacy is a non-profit scholarship fund that is focused on providing more for the 501 School district in Topeka Kansas.