AWE October 2018 Minutes

AWE October 2018 Minutes from 10/23/18:

In Attendance:
Lori Welch with Personally Yours, Deb Tenpenny with Premier Designs, Deborah Dawkins with Avon, Pam Billups with Kansas Business Solutions, Jenny McCaslin with Thirty-One Gifts, Kim Schultz with Everything Topeka, Elissa Shipman with Shipman & Associates, Angel Zimmerman with Zimmerman & Zimmerman, Rebecca Miller with Space for Life, Cheryl Merrill with Revital U, ___ with Regeneration, Mandy Sterling with management solutions, Andrea ___ with Ah-ha marketing, ___ with Agnes & Dora, 

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Psst….Get your business cards to Pam ASAP for the AWE promotion table on Saturday 10/20/18 @Women’s Night Out event! We filled booth shifts for volunteers. 

Presentation Workshops:

Kim Schultz on “Connection”: Showing your customers they matter to you is a HUGE forgotten part of the business & retaining customers! We played a card matching game that makes you think “outside of the box” so-to-speak, & makes you question what questions you’re really asking… We do NOT always think the same as others do! (Like the old saying goes “Common since isn’t that common” because we all see the world differently!)

Are you asking the right questions? And are you Listening to the answers? Or are you contemplating what you’re going to say next while they’re speaking & missing pertinent info? 

Pam Billips on “Growth Ideas”: Brainstorm ideas to grow your business! Take time every once in a while & sit down & do this!

Women are the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs emerging! 

Today we focused on ways we could grow our AWE membership… & we also kept in mind, that just because something may have failed in the past, doesn’t mean it always will. 😉 We did an idea pass-around sheet with 13 questions to trigger your innovation & shared our ideas on how to do so within the group. You can also superimpose the word “customers” with “members” & use the same questions with your own businesses! 

What’s something new we can do that will set us apart from other networking groups? How can we “go against the grain”? Please submit your ideas for that, as well as teaching topics for the future, & even events we can do as a group as well, like hosting our own vendor event that we advertise well for so there’s a great crowd! 😉 

1) It would be nice to have the library wifi password on a visible table tent card for new guests joining our meetings

2) You can bring special flyers, coupons, etc to sit at the back of the table for people to pick up, or to show during our announcements at the end of the meetings. 

1) You can also list this on your linkedIn profile & other social media accounts as well (you AWE membership or officer role) 😉 

2) You can use the AWE facebook page to post about your business specials 😊 

3) A “wish list” is a cute easy print out to send with catalogs, Christmas cards, Thank you for your business cards, etc this season

4) what’s an easier way to remember / jot down / find everyone’s specials / announcements towards the end? —like posting them on the fb page in one post right after the meeting, with clickable events if ppl mentioned them 😉