AWE Minutes from May 28, 2019

AWE Minutes from May 28, 2019:

Upcoming Events: May 28th – Member Highlight: Betty Barker ( – Business Protection Planning w/ EMP shield (electrometric pulse) – lightening surge protection about $350 – stay curious & interested & good things will come your way – typical store bought surge protectors can not cover lightening surges. When good things happen, it’s generally because you made it happen. “luck favors the prepared mind”

Deborah Dawkins (All Books & Avon) – home interiors & gifts – was Mary Kay, now Avon – Antioch Life Center had a book store I nit -> new pastor didn’t want it, so decided to start white lakes mall, 21st & Randolph, etc. fast track class, if you’re gonna have a brick & mortar business, also have a service you provide as well, as there are lots of expenses. Booth @ Owls Nest

Carrie Craft ( – Agnes & Dora, & teaches foster parenting classes – wrote articles for for 11 years – service accountability club – cause what if something happened – positivity – tracking sheets & worksheets – tithe on what you pay yourself – not what your business makes – Brand yourself (like I do with sunflowers – so everyone who sees Agnes & Dora with sunflowers, knows it’s her booth – Be consistent – customer service / follow-up – check out (See 2 Documents below)

June 25th – Speaker Al Bonner (Website Optimization) – Email Subject “AWE Website Review” to

July 23rd Workshop – Glenda Washington (Topeka Small Business Opportunities)

August 27th – Member Highlight – Pam Billups, Angel Zimmerman, & 1 spot left open 

September 24th Speaker – Presentation on Holiday Season marketing Plan

October 22nd Workshop – Association Review & 2020 Business 

November 26th member Highlight – 1 spot open

November 30th – Small Business Saturday – Go Topeka will promote in the directory – can offer a special!

December 3rd – Holiday Luncheon