AWE Minutes from March 26, 2019

AWE Minutes from March 26, 2019:

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  • Oct 3rd 5p-8p AWE Vendor Event to Support Jayhawk Theater – Deb Tenpenny / Carrie / Pamela

Cathy Grisham – skin care ½ cost of dermatoligists 

Guest – AAA insurance

Cindy Bralade – Appraxia  Walk Sept 28th @ Sunflower Park

Angel Zimmerman – life & business coaching as well

Guest? – online janitorial training 

___ Perez – Reality 

  • Speaker: Al Bonner w/ WIBW tips on Marketing
    • Google SEO – when you link to a professional organization

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  1. Email marketing – 30% open rate (clicked on it to open it), & 2-4% click through rate is average
  2. Organic searches
  3. Paid searches – google adds, bing, yahoo, etc. 
  4. Social media 
  5. Re-targeting – add pop ups while they’re browsing, cause they visited your site previously 
  • Display adds .1%, google adds .4%, facebook .5% to 2%, youtube 4% —youtube is where it’s at! 
  • 54% spend 15 seconds reading the emails they opened, 67% of emails read are being viewed from a cell phone now, so make sure it’s formatted to change the view from computer to phone 😉 narrow & short paragraphs good for viewing – 47% of emails are opened because of the subject line
    • Subject line = “Video: _______” 50 characters is too much. 6-7 words is great! Don’t use all caps – may be flagged as spam. Action verbs, avoid spam words (google them), conversational & humorous, unique offers, etc… Tuesdays & Fridays are when they get opened the most, between 6am & 10am… never send business emails towards mon morning or Friday afternoons, & never around 5pm… mail chip compares open rates w/ your last 3 emails & others in the industry – 1000 free mailchimp what? 
  • You can rent an email list – can find a target range also (females 18-65, shoppers, fashion, etc) “info usa” or google “email list to rent”, or build your own list! Sign up email addresses & get them entered in a drawing, or offer specials specific to getting their email addresses! Or, do a “like us on facebook & show me your phone for a free gift” like some stores have done… or send out a survey that they have to enter their email address to take it & offer some sort of perk for doing so. 
    • Example: Option on website saying: “Be the first to know about our latest products & SALES” options: 1) email address 2) submit 3) remind me later  (put this in multiple places, also add clickable social media icons that re-direct you to those sources)
  • Pop-ups slow down the loading of the pages, which can loose customers. 
  • Send emails from your personal email address vs one associated with your business – will get more people to open them 
  • Plan out 3 months of content & emails at a time – know what’s coming, have it set up in advance 
  • Videos, audio clips, interviews – attention grabbers 
  • Value added content vs promotional – what’s in it for them vs the product & sales? How does it help or benefit them
  • Call to action: soft like ever need any help — ??? huh? 
  • More pics = more promotional it seems… (sometimes, so make sure they’re not all of products 😉

Email programs like mail chimp, constant contact, etc… search “compare email platforms” to see differences between them.