AWE Minutes from June 25, 2019

AWE Minutes from June 25, 2019:

Nancy Harms is the fb admin for the AWE page

SEO = Search Engine Optimization : improve google results for when ppl search something similar to what you do – helps you rank higher on a search, your results show up more towards the top! – organic vs natural

Al Bonner – Search screen: about 4 adds @ top, then links/results – searched “acne for teens” – Topeka acne came up – pinterest & youtube results will show up also – “questions ppl ask” part of google – include those on your website!!! – “treatment” vs “treatments” will both bring up different results, so make sure you have both & multiple variations of words on your site for google to find your site no matter how they type it in – the more reviews you get, the better!!! – ask people to give you reviews – if anyone ever builds your website, ask them about the SEO & how they will ensure yours is seen first. Martin Splitt – webmaster Trend “SEO myth busting” – also did a “state of the union” for google recently too – look his videos up on yourtube – if you update your website often, the google bots find & index your site again – google indexing = algorithms figuring out what your site is about – lists products, services, descriptions, etc. – Don’t just use “ice cream”, but also use “ice cream w/pralines”, “ice cream in a cup”, “ice cream with chocolate”, “Ice cream in a cone”, Ice cream toppings”, etc! – how does google know which sites are most relevant? Ranking signals & ___ – over 200!! – top 10 – page TITLE – meta description – actual content on the page – uses images also – try not to use wordpress, square space, wix, go daddy, weebly, etc… you don’t need to use those, just have good content & serve a purpose – how can you help the searcher w/what they want to do? If you’re just talking about you & your business & your family, google thinks that doesn’t matter. Meta tags are in the website code vs on the page. “SEO tools for chrome” google doesn’t look @ meta words, just title & description. – A very BAD idea is to have the same titles & descriptions for every page / tab of your website & not telling people enough information. Use photo tags including title, business name, location, etc. Performance: how fast it loads, mobile friendly, get content quickly, google likes mobile format vs computer format, GTmetrics – analyze your site speed, search a “google speed test” & test your website.  

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