AWE Minutes from February 26, 2019

AWE Minutes from February 26, 2019:

Our guest speaker next month will be Al Bonner about email marketing

Cidny Bramledge was a guest today

Deb Tenpenny spoke today:

  • Start in your closet! Dress up styles w/a neutral, a statement piece, & then jewelry to tie it all together.
  • Also does one on one shopping trips, fundraisers, office parties, GEM membership discount club
  • She gave us all a 20% off & $10 coupon today & has a style solutions group – let her know if you’d like to be added!
  • “sparkle, don’t sweat” we all feel more confident when we look nice & “put together
  • Engraving is free! The website is on the back of the coupons she passed out, & it is a biblically based company

Elissa Shipman spoke today:

  • 3rd generation family business
  • Gave us a handout with several insurance terms & tips for us to take notes on… here were some of mine: 
    • Liability protects others but not you – $25,000 is all that’s required, so if that’s all you’re covered for, & their vehicle costs more, you will have to pay the rest & they can come after your wages
    • Hit animals vs guard rails if you don’t want your rates to go up – sad, but true… even if a shopping cart hits your car, it would be a collision claim & would affect your rates
    • When you get in an accident in a parking lot, or a cart hits or ANYTHING, at least go inside & get a name of someone. The businesses are not required to share security cameras & usually won’t without a warrant which the insurance companies will not ask for. The Police typically wont even come to the scene to do a report in these instances anymore. 
    • Rental reimbursement is good to have – your policy picks up extra costs after if they have low insurance limits themselves 
    • Always cary dwelling insurance; it’s like $2 for $1000 coverage… loss assessment coverage is like $1 more
    • Electrical current coverage is about a $1/month & sewer line or matching endorsement coverage, as they only cover what’s damaged… 
    • Umbrella coverage > people can sue you for even breaking into your house & getting hurt! 
    • Have life insurance outside of your employer so you’re in control of it, because many times employers have changed policy details & the employees ended up losing over it… & the younger you are when you buy it, the better… (they can be accident only, no sickness etc.) & If you go the Term route, make sure you can convert it into a permanent policy down the road
    • Renting for a business – you’re the tenant – might want __________
    • Make sure to review your policy every year & your employment practices policy… “LI”… 
    • Like her facebook page for giveaways

April 19th is the Topeka Easter Parade – vendor possibility w/ 3,5000 people — would love more details on this. 

Breakroom has events Tues – Sat & the new “hottest happy hour”, as well as Topeka Feud > we could even have an AWE team for charity (about 5 ppl)

Accountability group – Carrie – clothes – post every day 4 8 weeks in Agnes & Dora to win

Like & follow official Revital U page for contest where u just comment on the live videos to win! Awesome prizes – Cheryl Merill 

Indoor Garage Sale @ East Topeka Senior Center & $5 breakfast