AWE Minutes from August 27, 2019

AWE Minutes from August 27, 2019:

Congrats! We have had 10 new members in the last month! 

Open positions to be filled: Promotions, speaker scheduling, ________

Oct event is for fundraising for the Jayhawk Theator – We should all strive to sell 10 tickets each & SHARE the event PERSONALLY in private messages to people we know vs just sharing the post.

Guest Speakers

Pam Billips: Kansas Business Solutions

Entrepreneurs Growth System Free Business Workshop 9:30-10:30am 1st & 3rd Fridays @ 712 Innovations @ 712 S Kansas – different topics each time with awesome info & a Q&A… 

Pam used to do engineering for 15+ years & now applies that to small businesses 

Business Certification Course Sept 26th ½ day – 3 M’s: Marketing, Management, & Money of Business @ WU 

Pam has also published several books this year including “web growth strategies” which is $16 on Amazon, or $10 in person

“If you don’t know your numbers, you don’t know if they’re going up or down” – know what makes your numbers improve!

80% of what we do never affects the 20% profit – Do what brings profit vs wasting time

1 million cups entrepreneur meetings once a month @ 712 also – She suggests you go! 

Cindi Branlage – Apraxia of Speech Walk Sept 28th 

Apraxia is a speech disorder – can’t pronounce what they want to say – 18-24 months old for diagnosis usually – her 5yr old grandson has this – it’s a disconnect between the brain & muscles – also affects motor skills & eating & swallowing – for example, some days they can say their name, some days they can’t. holding a walk for fundraising & awareness for itin Topeka – there are no specialists here in Topeka for it, the closest is in Wichita, & insurance doesn’t pay for speech therapy since it’s an ongoing process – similar to someone who’s had a stroke – they understand but can’t communicate – they are looking for people to spread the word, donate items for the silent auction, people to walk, etc… & there will be several events for kids that day also. 

Angel Zimmerman – Zimmerman & Zimmerman PA 

BCCS – Business Coaching consulting solutions & collections with dignity – business & life coaching, empowerment training, accountability coaching on business & life

Had 4 kids, then went to law school – 6yrs as a female owned law firm – loves to help people not give up & loves her community

Help you WIN = What’s Important NOW — Valerie Burton “happy women live longer” book & BYU time management webinar – playlist on youtube

Ideas: write out you “things to look forward to” list in the morning so you WILL look forward to them, a list of 1st 5 things to knock out each day – keep a journal & every year on your birthday, write out as many things you’ve accomplished as the years old you are & then go back & read them on bad days

100 years of women voting! – EMBD women’s forum (women in politics) seminar   — 2 open spots on Nov 26th for presenters or member spotlights 

Kim Schultz – Oct 4th event Kelly Walker @ Breakroom

Oct 11th party @ breakroom 5p-7p for 11 year anniversary for Elk Creek engraving