AWE Minutes from August 27, 2019

AWE Minutes from August 27, 2019:

Congrats! We have had 10 new members in the last month! 

Open positions to be filled: Promotions, speaker scheduling, ________

Oct event is for fundraising for the Jayhawk Theator – We should all strive to sell 10 tickets each & SHARE the event PERSONALLY in private messages to people we know vs just sharing the post.

Guest Speakers

Pam Billips: Kansas Business Solutions

Entrepreneurs Growth System Free Business Workshop 9:30-10:30am 1st & 3rd Fridays @ 712 Innovations @ 712 S Kansas – different topics each time with awesome info & a Q&A… 

Pam used to do engineering for 15+ years & now applies that to small businesses 

Business Certification Course Sept 26th ½ day – 3 M’s: Marketing, Management, & Money of Business @ WU 

Pam has also published several books this year including “web growth strategies” which is $16 on Amazon, or $10 in person

“If you don’t know your numbers, you don’t know if they’re going up or down” – know what makes your numbers improve!

80% of what we do never affects the 20% profit – Do what brings profit vs wasting time

1 million cups entrepreneur meetings once a month @ 712 also – She suggests you go! 

Cindi Branlage – Apraxia of Speech Walk Sept 28th 

Apraxia is a speech disorder – can’t pronounce what they want to say – 18-24 months old for diagnosis usually – her 5yr old grandson has this – it’s a disconnect between the brain & muscles – also affects motor skills & eating & swallowing – for example, some days they can say their name, some days they can’t. holding a walk for fundraising & awareness for itin Topeka – there are no specialists here in Topeka for it, the closest is in Wichita, & insurance doesn’t pay for speech therapy since it’s an ongoing process – similar to someone who’s had a stroke – they understand but can’t communicate – they are looking for people to spread the word, donate items for the silent auction, people to walk, etc… & there will be several events for kids that day also. 

Angel Zimmerman – Zimmerman & Zimmerman PA 

BCCS – Business Coaching consulting solutions & collections with dignity – business & life coaching, empowerment training, accountability coaching on business & life

Had 4 kids, then went to law school – 6yrs as a female owned law firm – loves to help people not give up & loves her community

Help you WIN = What’s Important NOW — Valerie Burton “happy women live longer” book & BYU time management webinar – playlist on youtube

Ideas: write out you “things to look forward to” list in the morning so you WILL look forward to them, a list of 1st 5 things to knock out each day – keep a journal & every year on your birthday, write out as many things you’ve accomplished as the years old you are & then go back & read them on bad days

100 years of women voting! – EMBD women’s forum (women in politics) seminar   — 2 open spots on Nov 26th for presenters or member spotlights 

Kim Schultz – Oct 4th event Kelly Walker @ Breakroom

Oct 11th party @ breakroom 5p-7p for 11 year anniversary for Elk Creek engraving 

AWE Minutes from July 23, 2019

AWE Minutes from July 23, 2019:

12 member profiles on the website – look to see if you have one yet 😉 

This is the last month members can sign up for out Oct 3rd event w/ a discount & 1st pick of booths – $25/8 foot table

Glenda Washinton – Topeka Small Business Opportunities = contractor for business development for & the Greater Topeka Partnership

Aug 22nd – Women of Influence / women small business owners – please invite people! RSVP to it – don’t have to be a chamber member to attend – provides education – women’s conference – how to do business with energy (westar) – grow the eco system & pull women into these meetings & get them involved

712 co-working space & newsletters

Eship = Entrepreneurship Conference

Small Business Incentives = helps start ups – $1000 marketing credit (can be used for building a website, etc), don’t have to be a chamber member w/partnership things – for any small business – training & development options $750 free – could be used for educational conferences 

Equipment purchase 50% back – buy a shop (tell Jason about this) or for construction & renovations – can get about $12,000-14,000 free & next year they increase to $5000 & $7,500 for some incentives

Midsized businesses -> 7 new incentives in Jan 2020 (11/12 employees & up to $15,000 equipment & 15,000 construction & renovations) & $2,5000 on marketing & on training

Small Business Council putting on a summit

Shawnee County Start Ups – loan program up to $75,000 – 1st Opportunity Fund loans also “BrewBank” or “BruBank”? 

Glenda said she would get a copy of these new incentives to us in a few days. 

Press conference: 231-6000

Carl Klien – advice watch the website Glenda’s Cell 506-7768

Score – 1st Sat of every month in the mornings

GoTopeka on Facebook

Business growth Workshop 9:30am Fris’ starting Aug 1st & 3rd 

AWE Minutes from June 25, 2019

AWE Minutes from June 25, 2019:

Nancy Harms is the fb admin for the AWE page

SEO = Search Engine Optimization : improve google results for when ppl search something similar to what you do – helps you rank higher on a search, your results show up more towards the top! – organic vs natural

Al Bonner – Search screen: about 4 adds @ top, then links/results – searched “acne for teens” – Topeka acne came up – pinterest & youtube results will show up also – “questions ppl ask” part of google – include those on your website!!! – “treatment” vs “treatments” will both bring up different results, so make sure you have both & multiple variations of words on your site for google to find your site no matter how they type it in – the more reviews you get, the better!!! – ask people to give you reviews – if anyone ever builds your website, ask them about the SEO & how they will ensure yours is seen first. Martin Splitt – webmaster Trend “SEO myth busting” – also did a “state of the union” for google recently too – look his videos up on yourtube – if you update your website often, the google bots find & index your site again – google indexing = algorithms figuring out what your site is about – lists products, services, descriptions, etc. – Don’t just use “ice cream”, but also use “ice cream w/pralines”, “ice cream in a cup”, “ice cream with chocolate”, “Ice cream in a cone”, Ice cream toppings”, etc! – how does google know which sites are most relevant? Ranking signals & ___ – over 200!! – top 10 – page TITLE – meta description – actual content on the page – uses images also – try not to use wordpress, square space, wix, go daddy, weebly, etc… you don’t need to use those, just have good content & serve a purpose – how can you help the searcher w/what they want to do? If you’re just talking about you & your business & your family, google thinks that doesn’t matter. Meta tags are in the website code vs on the page. “SEO tools for chrome” google doesn’t look @ meta words, just title & description. – A very BAD idea is to have the same titles & descriptions for every page / tab of your website & not telling people enough information. Use photo tags including title, business name, location, etc. Performance: how fast it loads, mobile friendly, get content quickly, google likes mobile format vs computer format, GTmetrics – analyze your site speed, search a “google speed test” & test your website.  

Can use training credits for conferences! 

AWE Minutes from May 28, 2019

AWE Minutes from May 28, 2019:

Upcoming Events: May 28th – Member Highlight: Betty Barker ( – Business Protection Planning w/ EMP shield (electrometric pulse) – lightening surge protection about $350 – stay curious & interested & good things will come your way – typical store bought surge protectors can not cover lightening surges. When good things happen, it’s generally because you made it happen. “luck favors the prepared mind”

Deborah Dawkins (All Books & Avon) – home interiors & gifts – was Mary Kay, now Avon – Antioch Life Center had a book store I nit -> new pastor didn’t want it, so decided to start white lakes mall, 21st & Randolph, etc. fast track class, if you’re gonna have a brick & mortar business, also have a service you provide as well, as there are lots of expenses. Booth @ Owls Nest

Carrie Craft ( – Agnes & Dora, & teaches foster parenting classes – wrote articles for for 11 years – service accountability club – cause what if something happened – positivity – tracking sheets & worksheets – tithe on what you pay yourself – not what your business makes – Brand yourself (like I do with sunflowers – so everyone who sees Agnes & Dora with sunflowers, knows it’s her booth – Be consistent – customer service / follow-up – check out (See 2 Documents below)

June 25th – Speaker Al Bonner (Website Optimization) – Email Subject “AWE Website Review” to

July 23rd Workshop – Glenda Washington (Topeka Small Business Opportunities)

August 27th – Member Highlight – Pam Billups, Angel Zimmerman, & 1 spot left open 

September 24th Speaker – Presentation on Holiday Season marketing Plan

October 22nd Workshop – Association Review & 2020 Business 

November 26th member Highlight – 1 spot open

November 30th – Small Business Saturday – Go Topeka will promote in the directory – can offer a special!

December 3rd – Holiday Luncheon

AWE Minutes from April 23, 2019

AWE Minutes from April 23, 2019

Member Guest NAME Business Notes / Specials / Announcements:
x Aimee Kosmala Family Tree Insurance
x   Angel Zimmerman  Zimmerman & Zimmerman  
x Brenda Wilson 
x   Cheryl Merrill Revital U  
x Chris Frey
x   Darcella Goodman  G-Pro Janitorial & Training LLC  
x Deb Tenpenny  Premier Designs Style Consultant
x   Deborah Dawkins  All Books / Avon  
x Diana Hentzler Lauer 
x   Elissa Shipman Shipman & Assoc. (Insurance)  
x Irene Redman  Avenue Hair Styling
x   Jenny McCaslin Thirty-One Gifts, Ask Topeka, NE KS C
x Kim Schultz Everything Topeka
x   Laurie Guilbault     
x Lee Hanner Conectionary Disasters
x   Lori Welch  Personally Yours  
x Lyla Accardi 
x   Melissa Bame  Elk Creek Engraving  
x Nancy Harms 
x   Pam Billups  Kansas Business Solutions  
x Rebecca Miller  Space for Life
x   Shirley Fouse  Shawnee Animal Hope  
x Susan Joski  Medicare Advisor
x   Tammy Jeanne Mapes Administrative Services  
x Wanda Bulmer 

AWE Minutes from March 26, 2019

AWE Minutes from March 26, 2019:

(add slides used & sign up/in sheets to minutes)

  • Oct 3rd 5p-8p AWE Vendor Event to Support Jayhawk Theater – Deb Tenpenny / Carrie / Pamela

Cathy Grisham – skin care ½ cost of dermatoligists 

Guest – AAA insurance

Cindy Bralade – Appraxia  Walk Sept 28th @ Sunflower Park

Angel Zimmerman – life & business coaching as well

Guest? – online janitorial training 

___ Perez – Reality 

  • Speaker: Al Bonner w/ WIBW tips on Marketing
    • Google SEO – when you link to a professional organization

(request slides he used) 

  1. Email marketing – 30% open rate (clicked on it to open it), & 2-4% click through rate is average
  2. Organic searches
  3. Paid searches – google adds, bing, yahoo, etc. 
  4. Social media 
  5. Re-targeting – add pop ups while they’re browsing, cause they visited your site previously 
  • Display adds .1%, google adds .4%, facebook .5% to 2%, youtube 4% —youtube is where it’s at! 
  • 54% spend 15 seconds reading the emails they opened, 67% of emails read are being viewed from a cell phone now, so make sure it’s formatted to change the view from computer to phone 😉 narrow & short paragraphs good for viewing – 47% of emails are opened because of the subject line
    • Subject line = “Video: _______” 50 characters is too much. 6-7 words is great! Don’t use all caps – may be flagged as spam. Action verbs, avoid spam words (google them), conversational & humorous, unique offers, etc… Tuesdays & Fridays are when they get opened the most, between 6am & 10am… never send business emails towards mon morning or Friday afternoons, & never around 5pm… mail chip compares open rates w/ your last 3 emails & others in the industry – 1000 free mailchimp what? 
  • You can rent an email list – can find a target range also (females 18-65, shoppers, fashion, etc) “info usa” or google “email list to rent”, or build your own list! Sign up email addresses & get them entered in a drawing, or offer specials specific to getting their email addresses! Or, do a “like us on facebook & show me your phone for a free gift” like some stores have done… or send out a survey that they have to enter their email address to take it & offer some sort of perk for doing so. 
    • Example: Option on website saying: “Be the first to know about our latest products & SALES” options: 1) email address 2) submit 3) remind me later  (put this in multiple places, also add clickable social media icons that re-direct you to those sources)
  • Pop-ups slow down the loading of the pages, which can loose customers. 
  • Send emails from your personal email address vs one associated with your business – will get more people to open them 
  • Plan out 3 months of content & emails at a time – know what’s coming, have it set up in advance 
  • Videos, audio clips, interviews – attention grabbers 
  • Value added content vs promotional – what’s in it for them vs the product & sales? How does it help or benefit them
  • Call to action: soft like ever need any help — ??? huh? 
  • More pics = more promotional it seems… (sometimes, so make sure they’re not all of products 😉

Email programs like mail chimp, constant contact, etc… search “compare email platforms” to see differences between them.

AWE Minutes from February 26, 2019

AWE Minutes from February 26, 2019:

Our guest speaker next month will be Al Bonner about email marketing

Cidny Bramledge was a guest today

Deb Tenpenny spoke today:

  • Start in your closet! Dress up styles w/a neutral, a statement piece, & then jewelry to tie it all together.
  • Also does one on one shopping trips, fundraisers, office parties, GEM membership discount club
  • She gave us all a 20% off & $10 coupon today & has a style solutions group – let her know if you’d like to be added!
  • “sparkle, don’t sweat” we all feel more confident when we look nice & “put together
  • Engraving is free! The website is on the back of the coupons she passed out, & it is a biblically based company

Elissa Shipman spoke today:

  • 3rd generation family business
  • Gave us a handout with several insurance terms & tips for us to take notes on… here were some of mine: 
    • Liability protects others but not you – $25,000 is all that’s required, so if that’s all you’re covered for, & their vehicle costs more, you will have to pay the rest & they can come after your wages
    • Hit animals vs guard rails if you don’t want your rates to go up – sad, but true… even if a shopping cart hits your car, it would be a collision claim & would affect your rates
    • When you get in an accident in a parking lot, or a cart hits or ANYTHING, at least go inside & get a name of someone. The businesses are not required to share security cameras & usually won’t without a warrant which the insurance companies will not ask for. The Police typically wont even come to the scene to do a report in these instances anymore. 
    • Rental reimbursement is good to have – your policy picks up extra costs after if they have low insurance limits themselves 
    • Always cary dwelling insurance; it’s like $2 for $1000 coverage… loss assessment coverage is like $1 more
    • Electrical current coverage is about a $1/month & sewer line or matching endorsement coverage, as they only cover what’s damaged… 
    • Umbrella coverage > people can sue you for even breaking into your house & getting hurt! 
    • Have life insurance outside of your employer so you’re in control of it, because many times employers have changed policy details & the employees ended up losing over it… & the younger you are when you buy it, the better… (they can be accident only, no sickness etc.) & If you go the Term route, make sure you can convert it into a permanent policy down the road
    • Renting for a business – you’re the tenant – might want __________
    • Make sure to review your policy every year & your employment practices policy… “LI”… 
    • Like her facebook page for giveaways

April 19th is the Topeka Easter Parade – vendor possibility w/ 3,5000 people — would love more details on this. 

Breakroom has events Tues – Sat & the new “hottest happy hour”, as well as Topeka Feud > we could even have an AWE team for charity (about 5 ppl)

Accountability group – Carrie – clothes – post every day 4 8 weeks in Agnes & Dora to win

Like & follow official Revital U page for contest where u just comment on the live videos to win! Awesome prizes – Cheryl Merill 

Indoor Garage Sale @ East Topeka Senior Center & $5 breakfast 

AWE Minutes from November 27, 2018

AWE Minutes from November 27, 2018:

RSVP for Pisano’s for our Christmas lunch

Membership Dues $25/yr – pay early for 2019

Need volunteers for certain positions

Member Spotlights: Kim Schultz & Lori Welch

Kim Schultz:

  • Do a business profile on her website! It’s free!
  • Cutting the cord article, Dillon’s fuel points article, day trips, media lists for press releases, etc on the site!
  • “Topeka Networking” for meetings only

Lori Welch: Personally Yours

  • Personalized post cards, gifts, chocolate bars, etc. 

How much more of an impact do you make if you pass out a candy bar with your company info on the back of it vs a card they may toss? Or even include a coupon inside!

AWE October 2018 Minutes

AWE October 2018 Minutes from 10/23/18:

In Attendance:
Lori Welch with Personally Yours, Deb Tenpenny with Premier Designs, Deborah Dawkins with Avon, Pam Billups with Kansas Business Solutions, Jenny McCaslin with Thirty-One Gifts, Kim Schultz with Everything Topeka, Elissa Shipman with Shipman & Associates, Angel Zimmerman with Zimmerman & Zimmerman, Rebecca Miller with Space for Life, Cheryl Merrill with Revital U, ___ with Regeneration, Mandy Sterling with management solutions, Andrea ___ with Ah-ha marketing, ___ with Agnes & Dora, 

You can pay NOW in advance for next years dues – join now & don’t worry about paying until 2020! (Check with Pam on this)
—You can pay your membership dues at
— Do you have a membership profile listed on yet? Your profile will show your business card & list your website with a clickable link to direct visitors directly to your website!!  (Please specify if you’d like us to use the front or back of your business card for the picture)

Psst….Get your business cards to Pam ASAP for the AWE promotion table on Saturday 10/20/18 @Women’s Night Out event! We filled booth shifts for volunteers. 

Presentation Workshops:

Kim Schultz on “Connection”: Showing your customers they matter to you is a HUGE forgotten part of the business & retaining customers! We played a card matching game that makes you think “outside of the box” so-to-speak, & makes you question what questions you’re really asking… We do NOT always think the same as others do! (Like the old saying goes “Common since isn’t that common” because we all see the world differently!)

Are you asking the right questions? And are you Listening to the answers? Or are you contemplating what you’re going to say next while they’re speaking & missing pertinent info? 

Pam Billips on “Growth Ideas”: Brainstorm ideas to grow your business! Take time every once in a while & sit down & do this!

Women are the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs emerging! 

Today we focused on ways we could grow our AWE membership… & we also kept in mind, that just because something may have failed in the past, doesn’t mean it always will. 😉 We did an idea pass-around sheet with 13 questions to trigger your innovation & shared our ideas on how to do so within the group. You can also superimpose the word “customers” with “members” & use the same questions with your own businesses! 

What’s something new we can do that will set us apart from other networking groups? How can we “go against the grain”? Please submit your ideas for that, as well as teaching topics for the future, & even events we can do as a group as well, like hosting our own vendor event that we advertise well for so there’s a great crowd! 😉 

1) It would be nice to have the library wifi password on a visible table tent card for new guests joining our meetings

2) You can bring special flyers, coupons, etc to sit at the back of the table for people to pick up, or to show during our announcements at the end of the meetings. 

1) You can also list this on your linkedIn profile & other social media accounts as well (you AWE membership or officer role) 😉 

2) You can use the AWE facebook page to post about your business specials 😊 

3) A “wish list” is a cute easy print out to send with catalogs, Christmas cards, Thank you for your business cards, etc this season

4) what’s an easier way to remember / jot down / find everyone’s specials / announcements towards the end? —like posting them on the fb page in one post right after the meeting, with clickable events if ppl mentioned them 😉 

AWE September 2018 Minutes

AWE September 2018 Minutes:

Holiday Marketing!   Bring more business cards if yours are running out 😉 or a flyer with specials


Oct 25th 4p-9p Women’s Night Out event = will have an AWE table ran by members, we can bring & display all of our business cards, but only represent AWE that day, can share shifts… Can also bring business cards for the business card exchange table. $5 to attend – at the Ramada Inn on 6th 

To contact about getting a booth, call Shelly @ or 870-321-9667